Michael P. Monroe is an independent, cloud & premise based Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) consultant with over twenty years of global sales, business development, management and marketing experience leading, developing and contributing to Information Technology and Telecom companies ranging in size from Global 1000, Fortune 500, INC.500 to start-ups.
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The Dolphin of San Clemente

This is the view from the beach trail in San Clemente, it goes from the North end of town by Ole Hanson’s Pool to the far South end way past the Pier. There are not too many walks like this on Earth. The view is spectacular, the air is clear, the people are friendly and … Continue reading

Now Posted on Linked In: Is Amazon – King Kong or Godzilla ?

Ever wonder what some companies are really up to? The “Digital Disrupters” keep the information & communications technology industry interesting.
Continue reading

My Latest Post on Linked In – An “Old” Global Bank is rapidly becoming a Digital Business Juggernaut


Innovation at the Speed of Light_What SDN and Tesla have in common

  This is a post of my most recent webinar on BrightTALK. We discuss Digital Business, those businesses that do all or some of their business with the digital technologies of the 21st Century. Their disruptive business models/aspects vs. their competition. How they use technology to gain competitive advantages and change the game. In addition, … Continue reading

Art imitates Life … or is it the other way around?

Character & integrity are under attack from all sides. Continue reading

Leadership: Competing, Inspiring and Winning – the L.A. Lakers Way

To be clear – I am not a sportswriter or journalist. I am a sales executive that recognizes excellent leadership, tremendous talent and the success that comes from the indomitable spirit of a driven & unified team. This post is my personal story about Leadership, Competing, Inspiring and Winning from a basketball perspective adapted for … Continue reading

This is for the “Sellers” … Strive Toward these 7 Personal Attributes

They’ll be no technology discourse in this narrative. We’ll speak to the human side of technology sales professionals. This post is for those of US who have been there (are there now), and have done it – who can display the scars and have the trophies to show for it. This is not a feel bad story for us – it’s … Continue reading

How WebRTC, the Internet of Things (Everything) and Machine to Machine … are inter-related

There is an audible buzz (rapidly becoming a roar) about several internet (network) related technologies – among them the notion of the interconnectedness of things. Titles abound and include – the Internet of Things, Cisco’s “Internet of Everything”, Salesforce.com “Internet of Customers” – now along comes Microsoft with its new vernacular – the “Internet of … Continue reading

Teamwork: 3 Cornerstones of the “Top 1% of the 1%”_Lessons from the U.S. Navy Blue Angels

All my life I’ve wanted to be among the Elite, the Best of the Best … a Champion. Growing up in a U.S. Air Force family exposed me to constant travel, stressful environments and disciplined teamwork. Blessed to be a part of a loving family, thankful to have developed lifelong friendships, while living in trying … Continue reading

Servicing (Selling) Cloud solutions to the C- Suite … aka Who is (are) the Decision Maker(s) – these days?

In this age of cloud based solutions and services, it has never been more important to be able to identify: who the target customer is, what business they are in, what are their business challenges, how can you help solve them and … exactly how does the decision making process work.  Somehow, not surprisingly I … Continue reading

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