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Art imitates Life … or is it the other way around?

When you’re “nocturnal” – you’re often up into the wee hours of the AM and invariably surfing the Internet and TV. Admittedly, both could have disastrous results.

Over the years during these sojourns, after handling the serious things I do – career stuff and soul saving things  – afterwards, I’ve turned to some recorded TV shows I like. NatGeo, Discovery, History and of late “Billions”.

In short – “Billions” is about “Wall Street abuses and capitalism run amuck” as the NY Times puts it. Tightly integrated with a healthy dose of the Feds looking to take down the abusers.

What struck me last night (this morning) is how Billions on ShowTime– in its first season and now the final episode – pushed the edge of art right up to the line of resembling real life. While it is not the first situational drama (T.V. or movie) to do so – it sizzles. Maybe the fog of being up well past midnight Pacific Time caused me to wonder – does Art imitate Life … or is it the other way around?

I was intrigued by the depiction of things we’ve seen before … expensive cars and cash bonuses as rewards for performance & loyalty – the juxtaposition of the “right way and the wrong way” influenced by primordial tendencies – all under-girded by the blurred lines of having vast sums of money and the real intoxication of coveting power. Remember ENRON.


I’m no TV junkie or movie buff … yet I really like this show, it’s well written and acted – BUT it gets a little edgy. It makes you cheer the “self-made Bad Guy”, respect the “manipulative power of the Good Guy(s)”, see the dark hearts, ego centric tendencies and perverted ways of Mankindall at the same time.

Strategic product placements by Cisco, Apple and others – keeps my HDTV on its toes, too. All inI guess that’s what makes it a good show – fortunately it’s only TV.

So, there you have it – Life imitates Art … right?


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Michael P. Monroe is an independent, cloud & premise based Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) consultant with over twenty years of global sales, business development, management and marketing experience leading, developing and contributing to Information Technology and Telecom companies ranging in size from Global 1000, Fortune 500, INC.500 to start-ups.


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