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This is for the “Sellers” … Strive Toward these 7 Personal Attributes

They’ll be no technology discourse in this narrative. We’ll speak to the human side of technology sales professionals.

This post is for those of US who have been there (are there now), and have done it – who can display the scars and have the trophies to show for it. This is not a feel bad story for us – it’s the voice of the few, the too proud and the sometimes scared.

This is for the Seller– the customer’s advocate, the trusted advisor, the consultative resource, the challenger seller… who carries a bag and the quota, marks time by a corporate Fiscal calendar and lives on the edge, awaiting the next email, call or text.

Those who “make too much money”, never turn in their reports on time, don’t keep the CRM system up to date … give managers fits and “Mahogany Row @ HQ” the blues. Who are tolerated because nothing happens until something gets sold.

Who at the end of the day – all too frequently, is measured only by wins & losses in rows and columns vs. preparation, reflected in execution under pressure, while striving for an always favorable outcome.


This is for those who know what they’ve signed up for and make no excuses. Who understand that regardless of their current tally, score or rank … recognizes they’re only as good as their NEXT deal.  

Of course, we’re including those who “bang the phones” for a living, knock doors to earn their keep or drive ridiculous miles daily; who endure packed airplanes and missed family events – to have a prospect tell them without letting them finish their presentation, “you are not going to win the project (deal)”. Yet strap it back up and approach the next call, visit or meeting as if nothing negative just happened.

Who battle for every dollar in commission, care about their bonuses and have persevered through three comp plans & two managers in 9 months – with no reduction in quota!

This is for those who are standing on the tarmac awaiting the flight to the “Winner’s Club Trip” for the third time in a row. Rewarded for their efforts, surrounded by an “elite group of winners”, who they’ll eat/drink and be merry with for an all expenses paid week in an exotic location. Then they’ll return to the office – wondering how they’ll do it all over again in the new Fiscal Year.

It’s also for those who have one month left “to get the number” or find another job – elsewhere.

It’s especially for those who can’t tell their spouse, significant other, family and friends, manager, executive team, doctor or pastor – about their secrets. Perhaps the “demons” they battle – a myriad of destructive behaviors or nearly paralyzing fears – managed only by an unnatural motivation to succeed, in an occupation where most think it is glamorous and easy, BUT few really would dare to go.

SO, if You resemble any of those depicted here – read on

I say to You:

  1. Do not be defined by what you do or what others say about you; recognize you’ll ultimately be judged by who you are
  2. Treat others – especially those who seemingly can do nothing for you – as you’d like to be treated; genuine humility begets respect.
  3. Always – Listen, Learn, Prepare and Execute like your life (not just your career) depends on it, because it does.
  4. Be particular attentive to hear the “still small voice”; listen to your conscience, trust your instincts & BELIEVE in You.
  5. Find, develop and nurture a relationship with someone you can trust EXPLICITLY.
  6. Love deeply, care too much, have fun and don’t take it too seriously.
  7. Remember – You are NEVER defeated until you QUIT.

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About mpmonroe1

Michael P. Monroe is an independent, cloud & premise based Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) consultant with over twenty years of global sales, business development, management and marketing experience leading, developing and contributing to Information Technology and Telecom companies ranging in size from Global 1000, Fortune 500, INC.500 to start-ups.


One thought on “This is for the “Sellers” … Strive Toward these 7 Personal Attributes

  1. Brother, you have nailed it on this one!!

    Posted by James Blacken | June 7, 2014, 11:29 pm

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