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WebRTC – (for “Snorkelers”)

FIRST – You’re invited to JOIN ME in Person @ the WebRTC III Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, CA on November 20, 2013 in Session C2-2 at 1:50 pm to 2:30 pm. I’ll be a Panelist discussing the impact WebRTC will have on Gaming & Beyond. Find out how WebRTC will change how we do business and live!  

Considering WebRTC (real-time communication) is a relatively new web related technology, I thought I’d provide an introductory primer. Very high level, you’ll note it’s for “snorkelers vs. scuba” types.


WebRTC – for “Snorkelers’ version”

Why You Should Care From a technology perspective – because WebRTC is an open source, real-time communications API that brings voice, video and data to web browsers without the need for plug-ins it will be disruptive to the status quo for video, voice and messaging providers (UCC solution developers). On an application specific basis, in time – the need for expensive hardware, proprietary software and ancillary services will be threatened.

Since it will be embedded into web browsers on the client (user/peer) side, it is inherently cloud and network based. Ideally suited and capable of running on a multitude of devices.

For the most part, it will be low cost and will provide high quality video and audio services – including conferencing, chat, recording and file transfer with low bandwidth requirements.

To date, proponents of WebRTC – included Google, Oracle, Avaya, Mozilla and Ericsson – representing 1 billion plus WebRTC enabled endpoints according to Google. Whether they like it or not, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco and many others will have to get on board in some fashion, at some point.

Be assured the telcom carrier and service provider communities are working hard to find new solutions that leverage the power of WebRTC, while preserving their existing revenue streams.

What You MUST Know – as an Enterprise, this web browser enabled technology is likely to be as unstoppable as the BYOD explosion we have seen over the last few years. I.T. departments will need to have a strategy for handling devices that use WebRTC stacks. Keep in mind they will not all be PC’s or laptops.

Once Microsoft, Apple and the others come around, WebRTC browsers may become the norm. Fortunately, WebRTC has security “built in” and will still require a MCU for large, high definition multi-point video conferences. Yet there will be new challenges as the devices proliferate and the apps materialize.

For the developer, this technology will open a host of doors and only time will tell what applications will emerge or become enhanced as a result of the ease in which the API can be used. Expect multi- channel contact centers to leverage the power of click to video and audio conference; financial institutions will be able to cost effectively support clients with real–time video and audio sessions from a secure web site while a client is transacting business. Education will use smart phones and tablets to interact with students.

As consumers, perhaps we will be empowered to communicate unlike never before. The expectation and promise of the “Internet of Everything” will not become a reality without the connectedness WebRTC will bring. For a few dollars, families can hold multi-point video calls over their cable or satellite infrastructure. Gamers will use the functionality in untold ways and create even more immersive games. Phone calls and conferences will be conducted from the browser without even picking up a handset or using a vendors IP telephony app.

Stay tuned … we have only just begun.

Again, I hope to see you at the WebRTC III Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, CA on November 20, 2013. Session C2-2 at 1:50pm.

About the WebRTC III Conference & Expo:

Get the most up to date, technically sound advice and view the latest platforms & applications that will show you how to harness the power of this protocol. WebRTC allows your company to implement real time solutions across a multitude of applications – choose the right platform & application at WebRTC Conference & Expo III.



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